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Why Me?

Today, many Canadians no longer meet the bank’s criteria for lending. Working with alternative lenders provides an opportunity for individuals to get much needed mortgages and use them get off the “renter’s treadmill.” Building personal equity has never been easier. 
Since the 2008 recession, major banks have been tightening regulations, restricting how many mortgages they finance and to whom. 

If you’ve been turned away by the banks, talk to us. We understand how frustrating this process can be. That’s why we don’t use the same criteria to evaluate applicants as the major banks do. Credit scores are not our primary metric. 
As private lenders we can provide new business owners with limited salaries and no financial business track record or individuals with less than perfect credit ratings with 
attractive lending options. 
Why use a private mortgage specialist?
  • You want to purchase a new home but aren’t sure where to turn for advice.  
  • You need to get financing for one of the largest purchases you are ever likely to make, however, you’re confused by the many different products and features offered.  
  • Your credit rating may be an issue; you may be self employed or own your own business.  
Many people in this situation can greatly benefit from professional guidance. A mortgage broker is a specialist you want working for you.  A partner who is knowledgeable about the market and can access the best mortgage products available from a variety of banks and other lenders; someone who is not tied to any one particular lender or financial institution, who will give you unbiased advice on your financing choices.  

How much money do you want to save?

Your needs are unique. They require an individual approach to provide reliable solutions 
  • at the best rates - with terms you can afford.  We do this by assessing your situation and finding a solution that matches your needs. Let us save you money when financing your new home, business or other projects.

Why work with us? 

  • We are an established private mortgage broker, successfully providing funding for mortgages, debt consolidation, home renovation loans, home equity loans, and commercial mortgages for the past 10 years.  
  • We know the business.  We know how to negotiate on your behalf to secure competitive rates with the features you need.   We help you understand the process from start to finish so you can be confident in your choice. 
  • We help you choose the right financing utilizing our wide network of public and private lenders.  Working with us enables you to have financial options that aren’t available to you when dealing with a bank.  We are, in many cases, able to arrange payback terms and monthly payment schedules that are realistic to your individual situation.  Even if your credit rating isn’t top notch, we can secure rates that are attractive and competitive.  We can help you achieve your funding needs.
  • We specialize in Canadian real estate, offering professional unbiased advice on the various mortgage products on the market
  • FREE Consultations.  Whatever your financial goal – a new purchase mortgage, renewal or refinancing, construction loan, secured lines of credit or debt consolidation, let us help you get there.
  • Understanding all of the current rates and legal issues with buying our first home was overwhelming before we came to Benson. They sat down with
    Kate & Charles D., Woodbridge
  • In the same week a freak storm took out my sunroom and car with a fallen branch. My insurance wouldn’t cover it and
    Anthony P., New Market
  • I am so grateful to you guys. I just cannot thank you enough for the job you did on my mortgage. I am not sure
    Mrs. Svetlana K., North York, Ontario
  • The flexibility and support Gleb and Benson Mortgages offered us for our commercial development investment was impressive. We were able to secure the funds we
    Michael P., Toronto
Get ethical, professional advice and the most efficient private mortgage solution.
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