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Mortgage Renewals

Mortgages are typically one of the larger financial commitments people make. It’s important to do your due diligence while researching and planning your options. As specialists, we’ll be able to help you look deeper into the variables involved. 

Together we’ll review:
  • Interest rates
  • Prepayment privileges
  • Mortgage transfer options
  • Your plans for the future 
  • Technical details of your past and future mortgage agreements and more
It’s our priority to guide you through the mortgage renewal process with complete transparency, explain the terms in plain English, and find a custom solution that’s right for you.

When to start the Renewal Process 

Start shopping around several months before renewal - don’t leave it until the last moment.  Banks want you to resign with them and don’t want you to shop around for other lenders.  Generally they notify you about the upcoming renewal only 
weeks in advance of the term expiry.  This short time frame makes it very difficult for you to contact other lenders and compare rates and terms.  Give yourself time to get the best deal.

Don’t sign anything you don’t understand! 

Read your mortgage agreement carefully before you sign it, and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. 

There is no fee to switch lenders (excluding collateral mortgages) when renewing your mortgage. Take advantage of our free consultation and see how we can save you money. 
Our vast network of lenders enables us to locate the product best suited to your needs at the lowest possible rate.  

Consider ways to pay off your mortgage faster: 
  • Increase your payment amount
  • Choose an accelerated option for your payment 
  • If your renewal rate is lower, keep your monthly payments the same
  • Make a lump-sum payment 
We offer flexibility in a mortgage, including negotiating excellent prepayment privileges, mortgage portability and terms that work for you now and in the future.

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    Anthony P., New Market
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    Mrs. Svetlana K., North York, Ontario
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