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Whether you need mortgage refinancing for debt consolidation, a home equity loan, or a renovation loan, we can provide you with a solution that will work for you.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation through mortgage refinancing is an excellent way to let your home’s equity work for you.  We all know how credit card debt can quickly add up.  It is one of the major contributors to consumer debt in this country today.  There is no incentive for 
banks to address this issue as they work hand in hand with the credit card companies, who charge exorbitantly high interest rates on unpaid monthly balances.  

We understand how important reducing consumer debt is and will work with you to meet this goal.   We’ll consolidate your bills and pay them off using a portion of your home’s equity, leaving you a single monthly payment instead of many.  Your monthly payment is lower and the savings you realize are substantial. Your debt is paid off sooner and at a better interest rate.  Refinancing your mortgage through home equity restructuring can help you eliminate your debt faster.

Renovation Loan

With today’s high real estate prices and reduced square footage, many people are opting to stay in their older homes and renovate to get the up to date features they want in their homes.  Whether you need an updated kitchen or bathroom, a finished recreation room in the basement or a garage added to your home, we will work with you to find the most economical and efficient method of applying your home equity to finance your project.  

These types of renovations add value to your home.  We will help you make this investment in your property that will have a positive effect on your equity position in the future.

Home Equity Line of Credit (Heloc)
None of us know when an unexpected financial issue might arise.  Should you need access to immediate funds, we can arrange a secured line of credit that will help you deal with unexpected expenses in a simple and convenient way.  Your home’s equity is used to secure credit that is then managed by you.  Interest rates are low and a good alternative to a personal loan or credit cards. You are only charged interest on the portion used, not on the total amount of your line.  

You decide the amount of credit you need, how long you need it, and when to repay it.  You can repay what you can afford; some of it or all of it, the decision is yours.  The balance can be paid at any time with no penalty and if you need to increase your credit amount, you can do so without processing another application.  
A home equity line of credit can be a great tool to help manage your expenses.  It offers many benefits including 
  • low interest rate
  • flexible repayment options
  • interest only payments or larger if you choose
  • no penalties for balance repayment

Flexible Arrangements

Structuring your finances to best meet your individual circumstances and needs can be challenging depending on your income and current credit status. We have built our service with this in mind to create arrangements with our clients that are both attractive and feasible to help them achieve their financial goals. 

We are able to provide floating or fixed rates that compete with the best in our industry. We can facilitate a large variety of loan options to support every stage of commercial real estate projects, home refinancing, mortgages and debt consolidation. From recourse and non-recourse financing, to all kinds of major assets with short to medium terms (between 1 and 5 years) all the way up to longer term lending of 10 years or more. 

Innovative Terms

The financial restrictions banks now place on commercial real estate projects, has promoted an exodus from traditional source funding (banks) to more flexible private source funding.   We have the resources to service this new funding model, as banks are no longer considered the most attractive lender of choice.   We work with major commercial real estate clients who require flexible and innovative strategies to meet their needs for large scale builds.  Our knowledgeable team will use their market expertise to secure competitive alternative funding for your real estate project.
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